Please note that the schedule is subject to change and is constantly updated until the start of the conference. Except the seminar, all program items take place at the Steigenberger Hotel.

The conference is held on November 4th and 5th 2019. We invite you to join our high-quality seminar on the battery cell production fundamentals on November 6th.

Detailed preliminary agenda

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Sunday, 3.11.2019

19.30   Meet & Greet | Lobby Steigenberger Hotel

Monday, 4.11.2019

8.30   Arrival of Attendees
9.00   Welcome by Conference Chairs
9.20   Battery activities in the EU, Matthias Machnig (Innoenergy)
9.50   Challenges for Machine Builders for the Production of Lithium-Ion Batteries, Dr. Maximilian Wegener (Manz)
10.20   BMW Battery Cell Competence Center – Opportunities for Improvements in the Production of Lithium-Ion-Cells, Dr. Rüdiger Daub (BMW)
10.50   Break

Continuous mixing process for LIB electrode slurries contributes to cost-effective cell manufacturing
Philipp Stoessel, Bühler

Continuous suspension Production: Influencing electrode properties via extrusion process design
Matthias Haarmann, TU Braunschweig, iPAT, BLB

Batch and continuous production of Electrode Masses in the Laboratory and GWh Production Scale
Stefan Gerl, Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich

High throughput joining process within productivity increased assembly of electrode-separator-composites for lithium-ion-batteries
Sezer Solmaz, TU Berlin

Agile battery production – a novel concept for the manufacturing of battery cells flexible in format and material
Tobias Storz, KIT – wbk Institute of Production Science

Scaling up new materials to mass cell production – challenges, experience and process solutions
Stefan Rößler, ZSW Ulm

12.30   Lunch Break
13.15   Poster Session

Smart Manufacturing of battery cells: The concept of Traceability
Soumya Singh, Fraunhofer IPA

IoT adapted to future Battery Factories
Klaus Eberhardt, Exyte

Challenges And Answers In Battery Production
Jan Köhler, Siemens AG

Customizing of Lithium-Ion Cells – From First Prototypes to Flexible Series Production
Jan Diekmann, CustomCells

Influences of increasing coating thicknesses and calendering degrees on single sheet stack formation
Hannes W. Weinmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

High Power Battery Cells
Andreas Würsig, Fraunhofer ISIT

15.00   Break

Cost Optimization in Battery Cell Manufacturing through Simulation
Michael Stalder, Bern University of Applied Sciences

Data- and Expert-Driven Analysis of Cause-Effect Relationships in the Production of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Thomas Kornas, BMW Group

Simulating Process-Product Interdependencies in Battery Production Systems
Matthias Thomitzek, TU Braunschweig, IWF, BLB

A modeling perspective on the multiscale nature of SEI formation
Fridolin Röder, TU Braunschweig, InES, BLB

Efficient and Easy to Scale Cell finishing from Laboratory Cell to Mass Production
Jan-Steffen Lang, PEC

Shortening Cell Manufacturing time: A comparative study of 2 methods
Albert Gröbmeyer, Keysight Technologies

16.20   Break

Coating, Drying and Solvent Recovery – Material Throughput and Effects on Pilot and Mass Production of Battery Electrodes
Andreas Keil, Dürr Megtec

Advantages and Limitations of Intermittent Coating
Ralf Diehm, KIT, Institute of Thermal Process Engineering (TVT) – Thin Film Technology (TFT)

Cellulose-based composite electrodes production on a paper machine
Lars Sandberg, BillerudKorsnäs AB

Challenges in the prelithiation of electrodes within lithium ion cell production
Benedikt Stumper, Technical University of Munich, Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb)

Thermal Runaway propagation at the battery pack scale: Evaluation of the impact of design parameters by multiphysics modelling
Didier Buzon, CEA

Li-Ion battery protection and automotive requirements
Volker Buchmann, Hugo Benzing

Separator finite-element modelling for improving the prediction quality of short circuits within Li-ion cells caused by mechanical loads
Patrick Kolm, VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center

Safety Assessment and Design Optimization of Battery System using Simulation Techniques
Muhammad Ammad Raza Siddiqui, TU Braunschweig, Institut für Konstruktionstechnik

18.00   End of Day 1
19.30   Reception | Steigenberger Hotel
20.00   Banquet Dinner | Maschinenhalle, Steigenberger Hotel

Tuesday, 5.11.2019

8.30   Improvement of Li-ion Batteries Performances by Improving Electrodes Formulation and Process, Cécile Tessier (SAFT)
9.00   Water-based Electrode Manufacturing with Advanced Li-ion Battery Materials, Prof. Idoia Urdampilleta (CIDETEC Energy Storage)
9.30   Break

Analysis and monitoring of the percolating network of battery electrode films during the drying process using eddy current technology.
Marcel Wild, Fraunhofer IKTS

DEM-based simulation of the mechanical and electrical behavior of lithium-ion battery electrodes
Clara Sangrós, TU Braunschweig, Institute for Particle Technology

In-line measurement of wrinkle formation and strains for NMC 622 cathodes while calendering to derive a suitable counteraction
Benjamin Bold, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT

Stochastic 3D modeling of the three-phase microstructure of electrodes in Li-ion batteries by means of synchrotron tomography
Benedikt Prifling, Institute of Stochastics, Ulm University

From Li-ion Batteries to All-Solid-State Batteries: A Life Cycle Comparison
Stefan Blume, Fraunhofer IST

Production Technologies for Sulfide-based All Solid State Battery Electrodes
Benjamin Schumm, Fraunhofer IWS

Scalable manufacturing processes for all-solid-state batteries
Peter Michalowski, TU Braunschweig, IPAT und Sabrina Zeller, Fraunhofer IST

Laser cutting of novel battery materials for all-solid-sate batteries
Johannes Kriegler, TUM – Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management

11.20   Lunch Break
12.05   Poster Session
12.50   Production Research for Battery Manufacturing – Establishment of the Necessary Infrastructure, Jens Tübke (Fraunhofer Allianz Batterie)

Eco-friendly recycling of Li-Ion Batteries
Christian Hanisch, Duesenfeld

Recycling 4.0 – A System of Systems approach to enable circular economy
Mark Mennenga, TU Braunschweig, Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology

Electrospinning as a Key Technology for fast Battery Production Processes
Karl-Heinz Pettinger, University of Applied Sciences Landshut

Concepts for innovative battery housings and their production
Célestine Singer, Technical University Munich – Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb)

Giga battery factories in Norway, the path ahead
Odne Stokke Burheim, Anders Stromman, NTNU

The Future Battery Industries CRC: A catalyst to grow Australia’s battery industries within the circular economy of global battery value chains
Jacques Eksteen, Future Battery Industry CRC

Challenges and Goals of Battery Systems
Ingke Grau, Volkswagen

An engineering design approach to cost-efficient design of Li-Ion battery packs
Sina Rahlfs, TU Braunschweig, BLB

15.00   Coffee Break

Automated inline inspection of weld seams in battery production
Peter Daniel, VITRONIC

Advanced Laser Technologies for E-Mobility: New Manufacturing Solutions for High-Performance Energy Storage
Peter Kallage, Coherent

Free configurable, tailored vacuum gripper kit to handle electrodes, separators and cells in nearly any possible design
Albrecht Winter, J. Schmalz

Manufacturing Solutions for Battery Module and Pack Assembly Considering the Current Market Development
Lars Ebert, ThyssenKrupp Systems Engineering

Strategies to improve energy and power density of Li-ion batteries by virtual electrode design
Simon Hein, DLR at HIU

High Energy Li-Ion Electrodes prepared via a Solventless Melt Process
Bruno Dufour, HUTCHINSON

Production Process for overcoming the limited rate capability of ultra-thick electrodes for LIB
Alice Hoffmann, Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)

Composite electroforming: a novel production method for binder-free and conducting carbon-free battery electrodes with unique properties
Timo Sörgel, Aalen University, Research Institute for Innovative Surfaces (FINO)

16.40   End of Conference
16.50   Guided Tour BLB | Meet in front of the Steigenberger Hotel for bus shuttle

Wednesday, 6.11.2019