The demand for batteries for electromobility is leading to growing production capacities worldwide. Manufacturers are facing the challenge of implementing a battery production that is cost and resource efficient on a large gigawatt hour scale. The International Battery Production Conference supports this and covers relevant topics of battery production. The conference offers interested parties from industry, politics and science a platform for discussion and networking. Speakers from industry and science provide insights into current developments, trends and research results related to battery production.

Update: The preliminary conference schedule is now online.

Seminar Day - Nov 14th

Seminar: Fundamentals of the battery cell production

Seminar: Diagnosis and simulation of lithium-ion batteries

Concluding Presentation: DaLion - Data Mining in Li-Ion Cell production

Conference Day 1 - Nov 15th


  • Cell Production
  • Simulation & Modelling
  • Electrode Production
  • Formation & Testing
  • Cell Designs & Markets
  • Separators & Safety

Conference Day 2 - Nov 16th


  • Module and Pack Design
  • Module and Pack Production
  • Cell Performance
  • Industrie 4.0 & Factory Desing
  • Sustainability & LCE
  • Production of Solid Polymer & All Solid State Batteries
  • Battery Safety
  • Cell Production
These are this year's keynotes:

Patrick Bernard, SAFT
Strategies for defining the production parameters for high numbers of different cell designs


Prof. Anders Strømman, NTNU
Industrial ecology in battery production


Dr. Holger Manz, Volkswagen
Future Trends for Battery Systems – the OEM perspective


Torge Thönnessen, Custom Cells
Actual and future cell designs for mass market and niche market applications


Prof. Arno Kwade, BLB
Perspective on battery cell production research in Germany – the ProZell cluster


Peter Schulz, Manz AG
Machines and systems for the manufacturing of large battery cells and battery modules