Due to the ongoing pandemic this years’ seminar is cancelled.


Battery cell production 4.0 – Processes, products and their interactions

Gain in-depth knowledge of the battery production process chain. The seminar covers all steps from mixing to cell finishing with a focus on production technology and process monitoring.

Wednesday, November 4th, 9:00 – 15:00 at Steigenberger Hotel


Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Haselrieder
CEO for R&D at Battery LabFactory and Head of research group “Battery Process Engineering” at the Institute for Particle Technology, Technische University Braunschweig

Further lectureres will be announced.


A profound know-how of product-process interactions and their influence on cell performance and overall costs is crucial to make well-founded decisions in battery production industry. The goal is therefore to realize an efficient production chain with online monitored production parameters to increase the economic efficiency and decrease the environmental impact. This knowledge allows to set up sustainable battery production lines with high flexibility regarding the specific cell requirements and applications.

The seminar will focus on production processes, production parameters and resulting products. The application of industry 4.0 solutions in that context will be demonstrated. According battery cell production the objective to design advanced and application specific charge transfer structures of electrodes, their production processes and subsequent cell assembly processes will be discussed. Data on single processes, their interaction and quality parameters involved will be presented to understand the impact of materials and especially processes on physical electrode properties of mechanical, structural and electrical nature. Regarding process-structure-property relationships these physical electrode characteristics will be correlated with cell performance. New monitoring technologies for essential and sensitive production steps to maximize production efficiency will be discussed. To complete the talk future trends in electrode and cell production will be discussed in context with upcoming cell technologies to give cutting-edge insight and future prospects in battery production.