Seminar: Quality assurance and data mining in battery cell production

Wednesday, November 14th, 13:00 – 15:00.


Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiede
Battery LabFactory and Head of Department Sustainable Production at Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig


Battery cell production is a complex process chain in which combines mechanical, chemical and electrochemical processes. Over 70% of the total costs are caused by the material, which is almost completely incorporated into the product in the first process steps. For this reason, consistent and effective quality assurance is necessary for a sustainable and cost-efficient production. The basis for this is the understanding of interdependencies throughout the entire process chain.

The seminar introduces quality assurance for batteries and focuses on battery cell production as application. The participants receive an overview of the essential quality analyses and their significance for ensuring cell quality. Furthermore, methods and tools from data mining are presented. Furthermore, it is explained how these can be effectively implemented in battery cell production. Methodological approaches are presented for the identification and measurement of the relevant influencing variables from the more than 600 quality and process parameters in cell production.


  • Challenges in design of product analysis systems (in-line vs. off-line, batch vs. single unit)
  • Overview of relevant process and quality parameters in battery cell production
  • Efficient in-line and off-line product analysis methods (e.g. for particle size distribution, viscosity, mass weights, coating thickness, electrode position accuracy, etc.)
  • Measurement concepts and data acquisition strategies
  • Methods and tools for data analysis, data mining and analytics for cell production


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