Wednesday, November 6th, 9:30 – 12:00.


Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Haselrieder
CEO for R&D at Battery LabFactory and Head of research group “Battery Process Engineering” at the Institute for Particle Technology, Technical University Braunschweig


A profound know-how of product-process interactions and their influence on cell performance and overall costs is crucial to make well-founded decisions in battery production industry. The goal is therefore to realize an efficient production chain with low production rejects. This knowledge allows further to set-up excellent cell designs in accordance with the specific requirements of the application.

In this context, the workshop conveys a comprehensive overview of the battery cell manufacturing process. Starting with a general overview of the functional materials (active and inactive), the process chain of the electrode and the cell production will be discussed in terms of process interactions influencing the product quality. Regarding the process-structure-relationships, physical characteristics at electrode level will be shown and correlated with the resulting cell performance.


  • Overview on materials and important charge transport processes
  • Electrode and cell manufacturing processes as well as their interactions
  • Comparison of selected process technologies
  • Challenges in process engineering and process-structure-relationships of electrode production processes (mixing, coating and calendering)
  • Important parameters of the cell construction processes
  • Physical characterization of intermediates
  • Outlook on innovative and efficient electrode and cell production processes

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