Das Programm für den Seminartag am 14. November finden Sie hier.

Tag 1 – 15. November
Arrival of attendees and registration
Welcome by the conference chairs
Keynote by Patrick Bernard, SAFT
Strategies for defining the production parameters for high numbers of different cell designs
Keynote by Torge Thönnessen, Custom Cells
Actual and future cell designs for mass market and niche market applications
Keynote by Arno Kwade, BLB
Perspective on battery cell production research in Germany – the ProZell cluster
Parallel sessions
Cell Production I
Room Aula | Chair: Prof. K. Dilger
BatteryCells & Troika Production Process – made in Thuringia,
T. Schäfer, Envites
Efficient Electrolyte Filling for Cost-Effective Lithium-Ion Cell Production,
F. Günter, IWB TU München
3 Strategies that Improve Quality in Battery Manufacturing,
B. Weber, Mettler Toledo
PHEV1 – Cell assembly: Quality assurance as key to high quality cells,
S. Rößler, ZSW Ulm
Simulation & Modelling
Room Vision | Chair: Dr. T.-P. Heins
Fast self-discharge measurement for early detection of faulty cells in the formation process,
F. Kienberger, Keysight
Virtual materials design for the 3D microstructure of lithium-ion battery electrodes,
D. Westhoff, Uni Ulm
Microstructure-Resolved Impedance Simulations for the Characterization of Li-Ion Battery Electrodes,
T. Danner, DLR
Development of microscopic tools for the quality assessment of Li-ion batteries for mobile and stationary applications,
A. Kopp, HS Aalen
Lunch break
Poster session
Parallel sessions
Electrode Production I
Room Aula | Chair: Prof. A. Kwade
Influence of the specific energy during mixing and dispersion on suspension and electrode properties of lithium-ion batteries,
J. Mayer, BLB TU Braunschweig
Continuous processing of LIB electrode slurries,
C. Nied, Bühler
Key factors in the production process of electrodes for LIB,
A. Hoffmann, ZSW Ulm
Formation & Testing
Room Vision | Chair: Prof. M. Kurrat
A frequency based test time optimization of measured load data for testing High Voltage Battery Systems on Multi-Axis Shaker Table,
A. Karthikeyan, Fraunhofer LBF
Factory of the Future-proof EV battery and power-train testing,
A. Sokoll, Bosch Rexroth
Formation and aging of lithium-ion cells – probably the longest awakening of a cell,
C. Offermanns, PEM RWTH Aachen
Parallel sessions
Electrode Production II
Room Aula | Chair: Prof. A Kwade
Analysis and optimization of an extrusion-based coating process for high-energy li-ion cathodes,
S. Reuber, Fraunhofer IKTS
Single-step and scalable production method for stable pure-Si anodes,
A. Didden, LeydenJar Technologies
Atmospheric plasma pre-treatment for optimised surface wetting in electrode production,
H. Holeczek, Fraunhofer IPA
Cell Designs & Markets
Room Vision | Chair: Prof. T. Vietor
State-of-the-art and Future Cell Technologies for the European Battery Value Chain,
M. Woland, P3
Large-Scale Production of Lithium Ion Cells and Modules in Germany 2018,
G. Neumann, Liacon
Electromobility – which cell formats prevails?,
K.-C. Möller, Fraunhofer Headquarters
Parallel sessions
Electrode Production III
Room Aula | Chair: Prof. A. Kwade
Modeling of the calendering process and its effects on adhesive strengths of cathodes
D. Schreiner, IWB TU München
Process modeling of the electrode calendering for lithium-ion batteries,
C. Meyer, BLB TU Braunschweig
Separators & Safety
Room Vision | Chair: Prof. T. Vietor
LIB Separators – the inactive but not insignificant part of the cell,
G. Hörpel, GBH Energy
Challenge Battery Safety – Solutions by Multifunctional Battery Housings “B:HOUSE”,
J. Kerspe, TEB Dr. Kerspe
End of day one
Evening Dinner at Gewandhaus Braunschweig



Tag 2 – 16. November
Arrival of attendees
Keynote by Peter Schulz, Manz
Machines and systems for the manufacturing of large battery cells and battery modules
Keynote by Holger Manz, Volkswagen
Future Trends for Battery Systems – the OEM perspective
Parallel sessions
Room Aula | Module and Pack Design
Chair: Prof. T. Vietor
Battery module for cylindrical cells with integrated direct cooling using coolant,
M. Eisele, KIT
A Novel Hybrid Thermal Management for Lithium-ion Battery Packs,
M. Mehrabi Kermani
Cell Performance
Room Vision | Chair: Prof. A. Kwade
Key Cell Design Parameter for the Performance of Lithium Ion Batteries,
P. Niehoff, MEET Münster
Investigation of 20 Ah cell format and packaging : Performance, Cycle life and Safety,
Y. Reynier, CEA
Parallel sessions
Module and Pack Production
Room Aula | Chair: Prof. K. Dröder
Production of state-of-the art batteries for electric mobility,
T. Mertens, BMW
Laser processing for cost effective assembly of small series, customized battery packs,
J. Adriaensen, Absolem
Efficient contacting of battery cells to produce modules and packs for power tools and electric vehicles,
S. Hollatz, Fraunhofer ILT
Bond-technology solutions for battery pack production and electromobility,
H.G. von Ribbeck, F&K Delvotec
Industrie 4.0 & Factory Design
Room Vision | Chair: Prof. C. Herrmann
Cloud integration of electrode manufacturing via automated tracking and analysis of process data,
M. Schmauder, Fraunhofer IPA
The Benefits of Digitalization for Battery Manufacturing,
M. Deyda, Siemens
Smart Battery Factory design for todays and tomorrows requirements,
K. Eberhart, Exyte
Decision Support System for quality assurance in the production of lithium-ion battery cells,
T.Kornas, BMW
Lunch break
Keynote by Anders Strømman, NTNU
Industrial ecology in battery production
Parallel sessions
Life Cycle Engineering & Sustainability
Room Aula | Chair: Prof. C. Herrmann &
Prof. A. Strømman
On the relevance of recyclability for the environmental impacts of secondary batteries,
J. Peters, Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Energy Efficiency in Battery Cell Manufacturing – An Energy Value Stream Approach,
M. Thomitzek, BLB TU Braunschweig
Integrating Batteries in the Future Swiss Electricity Supply System: A consequential Environmental Assessment,
L. Vandepaer, Paul Scherrer Institut
Uncertain Environmental Footprint of Current and Future Battery Electric Vehicles,
B. Cox, Paul Scherrer Institut
Cell Production II
Room Vision | Chair: Prof. K. Dröder
Automation with vacuum handling solutions along the value chain of cell and battery production,
H. Kuolt, Schmalz
Challenges in conveying electrodes and new approaches to quality assurance,
B. Bold, KIT
Test methods in the production process of lithium-ion cells,
K.H. Pettinger, HAW Landshut
Highly integrated machine module for single sheet stacking,
H. Weinmann, KIT
Parallel sessions
Innovative Cell Production Technologies
Room Aula | Chair: Prof. A. Kwade
Manufacturing technologies of ceramic-based all-solid-state batteries,
D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing, FZ Jülich
Challenges and bottlenecks in water processing of advanced Li-ion battery materials,
I. Urdampilleta, CIDETEC
Advanced battery electrode production for next-generation battery technologies,
B. Schumm, Fraunhofer IWS
Battery Safety
Room Vision | Chair: Prof. T. Vietor
Safety of lithium ion batteries – Between myth and reality,
K. Brade, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Fire protection in handling lithium-ion batteries,
S. Bruns, Stöbich Technology
Practical experience with triggering the thermal runaway of large Li-ion cells,
A. Golubkov, Virtual Vehicle
End of conference and guided tour of Battery LabFactory Braunschweig