Wednesday, November 14th, 15:30 – 17:30.

Data mining in the production of lithium-ion battery cells

Compared to other technologies with a high degree of technological maturity, battery cell production still offers considerable potential for increasing productivity and improving product properties. Corresponding starting points can be found both in the design of the battery cell and in the production processes. With regard to product and process innovations, the manufacture of electrodes and, based on this, the production of cells is of particular importance. A database in which all process parameters are systematically recorded is a means of quality assurance in order to reduce the reject rate and thus costs and energy requirements.
Within the framework of the project, knowledge of the interrelationships of the production of lithium-ion battery cells is to be gained. The aim is both to systematically improve the economic efficiency and environmental compatibility of battery production as a whole and to enable the targeted production of defined battery cell types and qualities. Precise knowledge of the interdependencies is crucial not only for today’s battery generations, but especially for new ones.

The project funded by BMWi.

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